How Big is CSGO Gambling?


Many of us had thought that CSGO gambling met its demise in 2016. Steam did give a blow to the skin gambling industry, but with time, the industry recovered and kept growing bigger and bigger. CSGO gambling today is easily worth billions of dollars with an incredibly vast user base.

CSGOLounge, a skin gambling site, has over half a million members on its steam community page. This gives a fair idea of the extent to which skin gambling goes on. There are several CSGO gambling sites that offer a varied range of games and match betting options.

However, there are only about a handful of the best CSGO gambling sites that can be trusted. You can play a few of the most popular skin gambling games like CSGO roulette, CSGO crash, case opening, and even bet on CSGO tournaments on such sites.

What makes CSGO gambling so popular?

The skin-gambling and esports betting flourish for the simple reason that these can often be very lucrative. Players have had some really big wins playing games like CSGO roulette, coin flip, CSGO crash, case openings, and betting on Counter Strike: Global Offensive matches.

The ability to use virtual items as an alternative to real money has been another factor for the rise of the CSGO gambling industry. The CSGO game has had its own vast following and many of the gamers and CSGO traders are drawn to the idea of betting on eSports and playing casino games using the in-game skins they have acquired.

Top CSGO gambling sites

With CSGO gambling becoming a huge industry, it has also become vulnerable to scams. A lot of CSGO gambling sites are fakes and are designed to either produce specific results or not let you withdraw your balances.

But that should not discourage you from CSGO gambling as there are some reputed sites widely used by gamblers. CSGOEmpire, Gamdom, Hellcase, CSGORoll, etc are the sites you can trust. You will find all sorts of betting options and gambling games to play on these sites.

Some of the features like fast withdrawal, provably fair playing odds, numerous payment options and smooth functioning are what makes these the best CSGO skins gambling sites on the internet. These sites are also suitable for beginners since they have a simple user interface. The prompt customer support also makes them very reliable.

Most widely played CSGO games

·     CSGO roulette

CSGO has its own version of roulette, which works on the same principle as the ordinary roulette. Typically, you can place a bet on one or two of the three colors; black, red, and green. The odds of getting a green are lower, but you earn 14 times the amount that you bet on the green if you win.

In the case of other colors, the reward is just twice the betting amount. Also, instead of red, black, and green, some sites feature roulette with the option to bet on CT, T, and dice. If you get a dice, you win 14 times the betting amount.

CSGOEmpire, CSGO500, CSGOPolygon, and CSGORoll are some of the most reliable CSGO roulette sites. You will also find some nice signup bonuses and daily bonuses on these sites. CSGO roulette is one of the biggest gambling games played by CSGO fans. You can expect to win big amounts if you figure out an effective strategy.

·     CSGO crash

Another game with an impressive player base is the CSGO crash. The game has a multiplier that keeps going up and crashes at a random time. If you withdraw before it crashes, you win the amount that equals the multiplier value times your wager. But you only earn it if you cash out before the multiplier crashes.

The timing of the moment it crashes is truly unpredictable in a legitimate CSGO crash game. However, you will find some strategies that actually work and help make you profits! CSGO crash has a major role in making CSGO gambling hugely popular among the people.

·     CSGO Coin Flip

It’s a simple betting style where you bet on one side of the coin. The coin has terrorists and counter-terrorists printed on both sides. If skins with equal values are deposited, the odds are 50/50, but the odds would favor the bet wagering skin with a higher value. So, if your skin is worth more, your chance of winning would be greater. We would suggest to choose CSGOEmpire because it is one of the CSGO coinflip sites that have biggest player base.


Several people find CSGO gambling as a good alternative to usual gambling. If you go with the most trusted websites, you can actually have a safer and more fun experience of gambling with your CSGO skins.

 The in-game merchandise can easily be sold for real-world currency so you can even make a fortune if you win big with CSGO gambling. Since the CSGO skins can be quite expensive, the value of your winning in terms of fiat currency can be quite substantial. This is what makes CSGO gambling quite thrilling as well.