Is Hellcase Legit?

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G2A Pay

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CSGO Skins Instant
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Case OpeningCase Opening
Case BattlesCase Battles
First Deposit Bonus
5%-7% deposit bonus

Yes, Hellcase is a legitimate and transparent CSGO case opening website. This company has been around since 2016 and they base their operations in Singapore. The company has amassed a great customer base and the customer reviews show that this website can be trusted. At the time of writing, the site has opened over 183k cases and hosts just shy of 10 million players.

Is Hellcase safe to use?

Hellcase is perfectly safe to use and has the wellbeing of their customers at heart. The site uses an SSL padlock encryption that means that hackers won’t be able to get the hold of your personal information. The platform also uses cloud ware protection and G2A payment protection. So even if the platform is attacked, you can rest assured that your info and funds will remain protected.

What deposit & withdrawal options do Hellcase offer?

The payment options on offer at Hellcase will depend on the region you access the service from. We will admit that a few other websites have a more comprehensive list of deposit and cash out options. However, Hellcase does offer a selection that includes most of the more popular payment options. The user will be able to access G2A pay, Mastercard, Visa, popular crypto currencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin and of course your can deposit or withdraw CSGO skins using third party service. Payments have been known to be delayed slightly on this site, so if it exceeds one hour, we would urge you to contact the Hellcase customer support.

Then when it comes to the cash out process, players will be able to access this through the ‘send’ option on the main page of this CSGO gambling site. From here you simply select the item that you want to withdraw and when the trade option is available, you will be transferred to Steam. Players can also sell and exchange skins on the platform as well and selling these items allows the player to cash out through any of the deposit methods used.

Hellcase design and UI

In terms of the overall design and UI, we have to say we are very impressed with the balance that Hellcase strikes. The design is slick with a balance of vibrant colors which contrast beautifully against the dark background. Then in terms of navigation, Hellcase nail this too. The various aspects of this website can be accessed with ease and the various events and tournaments are easily seen without being forced upon the user. Overall, Hellcase is an excellently designed platform which every CSGO gambler will appreciate.

Hellcase Premium

While anyone can use this gambling platform and only spend the funds they use to gamble. There are additional options available for players to enhance their Hellcase experience. The most impressive of all these options is the Premium membership. With the premium access to this site, the player gains a number of excellent features that will make the gambling process much more enjoyable. For example, when you sign up for Hellcase Premium, you will gain access to free monthly cases, premium cases and giveaway offers, early access to some of the newest features on the website in the form of betas and the like.

You’ll also gain access to premium contracts; battle case emotes and a 24/7 customer support live chat which can be invaluable when something technical goes awry. Overall, the premium service is value for money, offers a number of great additional services and helps make Hellcase the excellent gambling platform that it is.

Hellcase customer support

Hellcase have a very responsive and helpful customer service team. You’ll be able to get the hold of their agents on their various social media pages. Then if you want to contact them directly, you can do so by using the build in support icon on their site which will allow you to email the team. The team are relatively fast no matter which method you use but it does pale in comparison to other sites which offer the likes of a 24/7 live chat for example. We will say though, that the FAQ section is stocked with some helpful tips and answers that will negate any need to talk to an agent. Acting as a real time saver and allowing players to get back to skin gambling fast.

Hellcase social media contacts

Hellcase Twitter – 564K followers

Hellcase Facebook – 413K Followers

Hellcase Youtube – 596K Subscribers

Hellcase Instagram – 48K Followers

What countries can’t access Hellcase?

As far as we could see, there are no territories that are restricted from accessing this CSGO gambling website. The only restrictions are that you must be 18 years of age and the player must also accept the terms and conditions to access the service. Accounts can also be terminated if the user is found to be abusing or breaking the rules of the site.

The Verdict

Overall, we can say with clarity that Hellcase is one of the best CSGO gambling sites around. The deals, giveaways and offers are plentiful, the design and UI is aesthetic and intuitive, the payment options are good and the security features help keep the player safe when opening cases. We aren’t too keen about the decision to lock to customer support live chat behind a premium membership paywall. However, as a whole, we would recommend that you try Hellcase as it is far best CSGO case opening site.