Best CSGO Roulette Betting Strategies


CSGO roulette is now a personal favorite for many online gamblers. It is quite simple to play and follows the same principle as ordinary roulette but with certain differences. You can bet on one of the three colors; red, black, and green. For red and black, the reward is equal to double the wager but for green, it’s 14 times the wager.

There is a higher probability of winning if you choose red or black, but the temptation to bet on the green is understandable given the higher rewards. Though CSGO roulette may seem really easy to play, without a strategy, you might keep losing your money.

Making profits playing CSGO skins roulette

Most gamblers intend to win enough points while gambling that they can buy new CSGO skins with the profits. But several of those end up losing what they had. A good strategy can help you compensate for the losses and actually come out of it profitable.

So, a strategy doesn’t completely eliminate losses but gives you occasional wins that are big enough to undo the losses and make good gains for you. We are going to share a few of the most tested strategies that are proven to be efficient.

1.  Martingale Strategy

To follow this roulette strategy, increase your bets every time you lose until you get a win. Once you get a win, you lower your bet by a fixed value. This strategy works with a variety of games including the CSGO crash, but when playing roulette, this works best if you bet on black or red. That’s because the odds of getting red or black are higher.

Also called as double down approach, this is by far the most used strategy for CSGO roulette. You will need to be patient in order to make a profit with this strategy. Don’t be discouraged if you lose multiple bets in a sequence. Keep increasing your bet till you get a win. However, you will need a substantial amount of money for this strategy to work. You can try this strategy without investing your own CSGO skins. Choose any CSGO gambling site with roulette and claim free coins using our referral codes.

2.  Fibonacci Strategy

If you are looking for a safer strategy, the Fibonacci series would suit you better. Instead of increasing the betting amount by a fixed value, you use the Fibonacci series to increase the value with each successive betting until you get a win.

Fibonacci series is derived by adding the previous two numbers to derive the next number in the series. Here is what this series looks like:  1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233. With this strategy, there is a lower chance of incurring losses and it’s is still pretty successful.

Even if you win every third and fourth bet, you will still make a pretty decent profit with this method. It’s safer because the betting amount doesn’t increase by a fixed value. It increases gradually.

What to do when you win a bet? Then you move back by two numbers in the series. So, if you win at 13, your next bet should be 5. If you lose, you move to the next number in the series. But if you win, you move two steps back. This ensures that you remain overall profitable. With Fibonacci, even if you lose more bets than you win, you will still come out profitable. It’s a much safer strategy than the Martingale. Also, you can start betting with any amount as long as you follow the Fibonacci series for each successive bet.

3.  Labouchere Strategy

Now, this is not the strategy for beginners. It’s pretty advanced but can produce impressive results. So, you start by drawing a betting line. A betting line consists of a series of number for example -2-2-2-2-2-2-. This is a simple betting line and it is up to you what number you use and how long this line should be.

Once you have drawn a line, add the first and the last number to determine the betting value. So in this case, you would add 2+2 and bet with the amount of 4. If you win the bet, remove the first and the last value on the betting line and repeat the initial process. So, now you again bet with the amount of 4.

If you lose, don’t remove any numbers but instead add your current betting number with the last number on the line. So, if you win the first time but lose the second time, your betting line would look something like -2-2-2-6-. The next betting amount would be 8.

4.  D’Alembert Strategy

If you want to bet even more safely than the Fibonacci strategy, then Alembert Strategy is about as safe as it gets while playing roulette. There will always be an element of risk in gambling, but with this strategy, there is a much higher chance of making profits.

It’s also quite simple to understand and apply. You can choose any amount as the starting point. Every time you win a bet, increase the amount by 1 and every time you lose, reduce the betting amount by 1. This strategy may seem similar to Martingale strategy, but it’s a much safer version of it.

If you get equal wins and losses with this strategy, you will still be profitable. For those who have just started out playing CSGO roulette, this may be a good strategy to begin playing. It’s best to bet on red or black for this strategy.


Having a gambling strategy is always better than impulsive betting. You don’t want to get your emotions in the way and suffer losses. These strategies have been experimented with by a large number of people. No strategy guarantees success but a good strategy will really boost your chance of making profits.

A strategy doesn’t eliminate losses but it makes your profits higher than your losses. So, the balance amount left after gambling is greater than what you had before. Gambling is prone to the risk of losing money, so it’s always better to follow a time tested strategy.

If you choose to gamble at a legit CSGO gambling site like CSGOEmpire, CSGORoll, Gamdom, CSGOPolygon, etc. these strategies will definitely enhance your chance of winning on the CSGO roulette sites.