CSGO Gambling Guide for Beginners


CSGO gambling brings you opportunities to get new skins and make profits while playing games. Different kinds of gambling games offer different ways to win new skins. It allows you the same thrill as an actual casino, but you play with the skins you have collected in the CSGO game or through CSGO trading.

Each type of game offers a different winning probability and reward value. You can develop an effective gambling strategy to increase your chances of winning. The few of the most popular CSGO gambling games are: Roulette, Crash, Case Opening, and Coinflip.

Not all gambling sites are reliable and we recommend using only the trusted sites that are used by a large number of people. We have shared the names of the most trusted CSGO gambling sites for different types of games.

Types of CSGO gambling games

It’s up to you what kind of game you want to start with. Coin Flip and Case Opening tend to be simpler for beginners but Roulette, and Crash offer great opportunities for implementing your strategy.  

1. CSGO Roulette

With this game, you get the exact number of coins as the dollars your skin is worth. You can bet these coins on one of the three colors; red, black, or green. If you place your coins on the green, you get your bet multiplied by 14. So, if you bet 10 coins on green and the roll hits green, you will receive 140 coins.

If you bet on red or black and the roll hits your color, you will win double the number of coins that you have placed on the winning color. Placing blind bets isn't an option and we suggest to use roulette strategy.

Most platforms offer roulette as one of the main game types. You can choose any site from the Best CSGO Roulette sites listing.

2. CSGO Match Betting

csgoempire match betting

Match betting has got a lot of traction over the last few years. Live streaming of gaming contests on sites like Youtube and Twitch have really taken esports to another level. CSGO is also a big name in esports and you will find a series of esports tournaments and leagues to bet on.

CSGO match betting is carried out in three different ways; pre-match betting, live betting, and tournament betting. Out of these, pre-match and live betting are the most popular forms of match betting. A good match betting website should offer a variety of wagering options.

Get the best odds of your favorite team win choosing from Best CSGO Match Betting Sites list.

3. CSGO Crash

The game of crash has been gaining popularity among casino games. You enter the game by setting a base bet amount. The game features a multiplier that increases rapidly through the game until it eventually crashes. If you cash out before the game crashes, you will receive the amount equating to the multiplier you stopped at.

But you will lose the base bet amount if the game crashes before you cash out. So, a strategy is important to make a profit while playing crash. Read more about crash strategies in our article. It’s a really exciting game that can turn out to be very profitable for you. The game also lets you set auto cashout values so you claim your profits at a specific value the multiplier reaches.

Crash is one of the most engaging games amongst CSGO gambling sites. If you do not want to deposit your skins to try crash you can use our affiliate code which can be found in the CSGO Crash Sites page.

4. CSGO Case Opening

Similar to in-game cases on Steam, some third-party websites offer their own cases that you can acquire by depositing skins or spending actual money. A major difference between these cases and the in-game ones is that you can expect far more valuable skins in these cases compared to the ones offered by Steam. 

CSGO cases on third party websites can be cheaper or more expensive compared to in-game cases. These are another form of gambling that can be enjoyable and profitable for you. The thrill of opening a case not knowing what you might end up with can be exciting. But unlike the in-game cases, you will rarely find low valued items.

You can start opening cases from one of the recommended CSGO case opening sites.

5. CSGO Coinflip

Coin Flip is simply a 50% win-loss probability game where you can bet skins or coins. It is played between two participants and the winner walks away with everything on the table. So, it’s pretty much like the jackpot but with an equal probability of winning or losing. While choosing coinflip site, make sure that there are enough players willing to flip the coin with you. Only the best CSGO coinflip sites offers non-stop action.

Gambling tips for beginners

There are a lot of things you need to know but the following are the most important to keep your experience safe and responsible.

Don’t tilt in CSGO gambling

Tilt is a gambling slang term in poker which means that after losing a few rounds, the player may become frustrated and angry, causing him to make rash decisions. If you follow a strategy, you must stick to it even if you lose money in the first few rounds.

Tilting often causes a gambler to multiply his losses if the first few rounds don’t go so well. So, as a beginner, keep your cool and always think before you act. Don’t become impulsive and start making bad decisions in the game.

Only use trusted gambling sites

Some sites may promise a very high sign-up bonus and lure gamblers into illegitimate gambling games. These scam sites do not have a fair and random betting system. They have coded the games to produce preset results. So, you might end up losing your skins and your money unfairly in those inauthentic sites.

There are a number of reliable websites that many people have used and made good profits playing these games. These offer bonuses and have multiple payment options to buy coins for gambling.

Learn the basic CSGO gambling odds

To make gambling profitable, you must know about the odds of a particular outcome in each game. Every game is based on different types of odds. For instance, in the CSGO Jackpot game, the winning odds are determined by the value of the skins you deposit in the pot. For coin flipping, there is a 50% chance of winning the bet.

CSGO gambling odds differ from one game to another. For roulette, the profits for each bet also depend on the color you choose. The green color offers maximum gain if you win. Do your research and learn the odds for each type of gain before you prepare a gambling strategy.

Risk vs. Reward

If you want to make consistent profits with CSGO gambling, you must understand the risk to reward ratio for your strategy. What would you make if you win? What would you lose if you do not win? Several strategies are based on the high-reward to low-risk concepts.

A common strategy for the CSGO crash is to increase your deposits when you lose and decrease when you win. It may sound counter-intuitive, but what it does is, increases the reward to risk ratio. Every win would compensate for all the losses and add an additional profit.

Gambling does involve losing your money on multiple bets, however, if the net result is profitable then your strategy can be considered as successful. Of course, you would win on some bets. These winnings should be substantial so to cover all the losses you have incurred on other bets and result in some gains.


Bankroll refers to the total amount of skins or actual money that you are willing to bet. We are not talking about what you deposit on a single bet, but the maximum amount you should bet over the period that you gamble.

This serves many benefits. First, it prevents you from becoming addicted. It sets a limit to how much you will put at stake while gambling. Sometimes, the eagerness to recover losses could make you keep putting more skins in the game. That could make things worse for you. It’s best to set a limit as to how much you will deposit in a game.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites

Now that you understand the basics of CSGO gambling, let’s look at some best websites where you can play games and gamble with CSGO skins. But what’s the criterion for choosing the perfect site for CSGO skins gambling?

·     Popularity

Some newer sites aren’t popular but they do seem to offer great bonuses. This could be a trap that beginners should definitely avoid. Getting scammed while gambling can be a huge discouragement and you might not want to continue to gamble. So, we suggest you stick to the popular ones and enjoy a safe gaming experience.

·     User Interface

Overcomplicated gambling sites that are hard to understand aren’t good for beginners. You should use sites that have a clean design and are easily understandable. You can find plenty of such sites for roulette, crash, and other similar games to play.

·     Bonus

As a beginner, it helps to receive some free bonus amount to gamble with. This could be free access to open cases or CSGO free coins. You usually receive the bonus soon after you sign-up on the site. In some cases, you will need to enter a code to receive the bonus.

·     Withdrawal

How long does it take to withdraw your money from the site? This is another quite important criterion for choosing a gambling website. Most legitimate sites do not take much time to release the skins you have won while gambling. Quick withdrawal allows you to gamble again and you do not have to wait too long to claim your winnings.

List of top CSGO gamble platforms

1.  CSGO Empire

It’s one of the most popular sites for CSGO gambling. Though it doesn’t have many games, it is a high-quality, authentic site for playing roulette, slots, etc. Besides the sign-up bonus, it also offers you daily bonuses. The site has a simple design and offers fast withdrawal.

CSGO Empire is a solid site for gambling and their live support team is very responsive. Also, the site works smoothly and there are no lags. The only issue with this site is they have fewer game modes than other sites. But it’s the most reliable site and you can enjoy roulette without worrying about being scammed.

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2.  Gamdom

It’s another good site with slightly more variety of games. You can even play CSGO crash on Gamdom. It’s a legitimate site for CSGO gambling and also makes withdrawals really fast. You can have a seamless gambling experience on Gamdom and also enjoy the free daily and sign-up bonuses.

Gamedom has been in existence for quite a long time. It is a trusted site to play Crash, Roulette, Trade Up, etc.

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3.  CSGORoll

CSGORoll is a widely popular site among CSGO gamblers. Its interface appeals to almost all the new betters. The staff is very helpful and responsive. The withdrawal and deposit are quite efficient. It has a very secure system for peer-to-peer skin deposits and withdrawals.

It’s one of the best sites to play roulettes, crash, and cases. They have a transparent, provably fair system. If you are a beginner, you can have a fun and fruitful experience on this CSGO gambling site.

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4.  CSGO500

Another great site for CSGO gambling is CSGO500. Besides its good collection of games, it’s a website that’s fair to the gamblers and has very responsive live support. They have a high rating and a pretty decent interface.

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An important concern for betters could be if a site is fair? With CSGO500, you can be completely at ease and enjoy a seamless CSGO betting experience on your favorite games.


CSGO gambling can be incredibly fun and offer you a chance to receive new skins just by playing a game. Winning and losing, both are part of the game, but a fair betting experience allows you to develop a profitable strategy and increase your winnings in time.

We have listed some of the top CSGO gambling sites and the most popular games that you should try as a beginner. Many of these sites offer CSGO free coins as bonuses to play with. These would help minimize your overall losses when you are just getting started. You will also receive free daily bonuses so you can gamble some more without having to worry about losing. Good luck and gamble responsibly.