Is DatDrop Legit?

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Yes, Datdrop is a legitimate, transparent and reputable case opening site that caters for the CSGO community. This website has been active for a few years, has built up a catalogue of positive customer reviews and has a customer base of over 1.5 million users and opened over 190 million cases. Datdrop’s base of operations is within the UK and more specifically London, so you can tell that this is a legitimate company. For reference, their business registration is LP20547.

Is Datdrop Safe to Use?

Yes, Datdrop is safe, secure and has their players best interests at heart. They use an SSL padlock encryption software that keeps all their users safe from any hackers online after their personal information. The payment options on offer at Datdrop are also only reputable vendors and also, Datdrop have various safeguarding procedures in place to deal with underage accounts, gambling addictions and other potential problems.

Then with regards to fairness when using Datdrop, we are happy to report that this service has a page dedicated to their provability procedures, so if you are concerned about the validity of any outcome, Datdrop will be able to talk you through it and help you understand how that outcome came to be. So overall, Datdrop is a very safe and fair gambling platform.

What Payment Methods Do Datdrop Offer?

Now moving on to the selection of payment methods that are offered through this platform. In terms of the more conventional payment methods, Datdrop do support payments from both Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards. Then with regards to the other methods offered, players will be able to access over 200+ payment methods as this website makes use of G2A payment systems. So not only is there a huge variety of options at Datdrop. We can also guarantee that this is the most secure way to make a payment on a CSGO case opening site. So, thanks to the safety and the variety, we give Datdrop a big thumbs up.

Datdrop Design and UI

Now we look at the design and the UI for Datdrop. Firstly, with reference to the aesthetic and core design of the website, we will say that it doesn’t scream luxurious gambling website. However, it does look vibrant, eye catching and has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a top CSGO gambling site. Plus in terms of accessibility, we appreciate that this website has ten unique language options which lends itself to a larger and more satisfied international customer base.

Then with regards to the UI and navigation for this website, we can report that this is handled rather well. The navigation between games and other pages is a smooth procedure, the different types of activity are labelled and presented clearly and in terms of catering for inexperienced players, the website explains each of it’s games and activities very well. So to summarise, the aesthetic wont be for everyone but in terms of functionality, the website is more than up to the job at hand.

Datdrop Social Contacts

Despite the fact that this website has been around for quite a few years now, we have to say that the social media footprint left by Datdrop is minuscule in comparison to other CSGO case opening sites. While most Twitter pages have followers in the hundreds of thousands, Datdrop can’t even claim to have ten thousand. This means that rewards and giveaways through these channels are rather limited. So if you like the opportunity to interact with other players and be in with the opportunity of winning free rewards, this may not be the ideal choice for you. Here is a list of the limited social media pages related to Datdrop:

Datdrop Twitter – 3K Followers

Datdrop Facebook – 4.8K followers

Datdrop Customer Support

Moving on to the customer support on offer at Datdrop. As far as we could see, there was no dedicated support page on the website which was a little but disappointing. However, upon searching, we found an email address which allows you to contact the support team directly. Sadly there is no ticket support or live chat service, so email will be your only option. We decided to test out the service to see how reliable it is and we had mixed results.

In terms of how fast the support response is, it’s pretty poor. We would have expected a few hours for a reply. However, we actually didn’t get a response for well over 24-hours. Then when we did get a response, the process of dealing with the query was also rather drawn out as well. The saving grace is that the agents are generally very pleasant and knowledgable. However, if you want a support service with quick response times, you won’t find such a service here.

Does Datdrop Have Any Restricted Regions?

No, As Datdrop is licenced and regulated from within the UK, this website is accessible worldwide. So, there is no need for a VPN to get around region blocks. This makes this website a decent option for those in regions that are commonly blocked from CSGO gambling sites and in this sense, provides a form of convenience that other platforms simply can’t.

The Verdict

Overall, we think that Datdrop is a rather mixed bag. We have no concerns over the legitimacy or security provided by Datdrop. Plus, the variety of game and payment methods are also great. However, there are some clear issues that make some other competitors more appealing. Their design could use an overhaul, their customer service is far from the best in the business and their social media presence is laughable for a company running for this long. There are some great aspects of this website to be found so we would suggest that you still give this one a try. However, we would wager you will find better options if you look elsewhere.