Is WTFSkins Legit?

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First Deposit Bonus

Yes, WTFskins is a genuine, legitimate and completely transparent CSGO gambling site. This service aims to provide a safe and secure environment for CSGO skin afficiandos to trade, gamble and play to their heart’s content. This platform is in direct cooperation with CSGOLive, another popular CSGO gambling website which we have provided a review for. So through this partnership, you can see that WTFskins is the real deal. The website shows recent deals, their current user stats and all their policies, terms and conditions are available on their site. In short, WTFskins has nothing to hide and offers a completely trustworthy gambling experience.

WTFSkins is most popular amongst crash fans. This game type is featured in main page and you can bet instantly after loging-in. If you do not like to play crash in this platform you can choose any site from other legit CSGO crash sites list.

Is WTFSkins safe to use?

Yes, WTFSkins is a completely safe and secure website for CSGO gamblers to enjoy. The website uses SSL padlock encryption software to ensure that all your personal information remains in your possession and well away from potential hackers. Plus, the service also only provides trusted and reliable payment options so when making a transaction through WTFskins, you can rest assured that your funds are going where you want them to. Plus, your banking info remains out of the hands of others as well.

What payment options do WTFSkins offer?

As mentioned, WTFskins only offers high quality and trusted payment options to their patrons. When depositing skins or funds into your WTFskins account, you will have access to the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Skrill
  • G2A pay
  • WAX Express Trade
  • CSGO Skins P2P Trade
  • CSGO Skins Instant Trade

Then with regards to cashing out your winnings. You will be able to trade your earnings for anything listed on the P2P withdraw/trade page. On this page you will find a wide selection of desirable CSGO, TF2 and DOTA2 skins. So we can assure you that there will always be something on the platform that will float your boat. You can also search for a Steam API key for exact trades and you can filter by cost and best value. Every trade is a legitimate listing and the transaction is processed in rapid time.

You can also choose Instant Trade and trade directly with WTFSkins bots. Using this deposit/withdraw method is faster than P2P Trade but you might receive lower value for your skins when depositing. Items prices can be higher than average market price when you choose bots to cash out your winnings as well.

WTFSkins design and UI

Now moving onto the UI and design for this platform. We have to say that in terms of style and aesthetic, this website is a bit of a let-down. The site looks rather plain and simple, which is fine if you simply want a website that is functional. However, in a competitive field such as CSGO gambling, we have to say that this lack of style and personality is a tad disappointing. What you will encounter is a mostly monochrome design with touches of red throughout and very little else.

However, in terms of the UI, navigation and functionality of the website, we have few complaints. The various games, trades, payment functions and the ability to sign directly into Steam are all clear to see on the main page. Players can navigate seamlessly from game to game with ease and overall, using the website is far from stressful. The only gripe we had with this website design is the absence of a live chat function. However, we assume that this is due to the limited active user count at the time of writing.

WTFSkins customer support

Now we look at the customer support for WTFskins, or at least what little we could find. The customer support for this platform consists of an FAQ section which answers a handful of key questions and a support ticket system. Admittedly, players can contact the various social media sites linked to WTFSkins. However, we found that these socials weren’t all that responsive. As a whole, we wouldn’t recommend this site based on it’s ability to tend to it’s customer base. So, unless you are a proactive and independent gambler, this might be a dealbreaker.

WTFSkins social media contacts

This site isn't very active in social media and some pages have very low followers count. However, it is doesn't mean that WTFSkins is unreliable. This gambling platform have been around since the beginning of CSGO gambling and we can vouch that it is genuine and legit site.

WTFSkins Twitter – 23.9K Followers

WTFSkins Facebook – 2.8K followers

WTFSkins Instagram – 264 followers

What countries can't access WTFSkins?

With various different CSGO skin gambling sites, it can be a pain for players from certain regions to access various platforms. This is due to the legalities of gambling within certain regions. However, WTFSkins doesn’t offer any match betting or genuine cash betting services or games. They simply offer players the ability to deposit real cash and bet using their own platform’s currency and skins. So for this reason, any player in any country can access WTFskins making it one of the more accessible sites on the market.

The Verdict

Overall, we can confirm that WTFSkins is a legit, trustworthy and functional website for CSGO gambling. However, in terms of overall quality, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The high points are the UI functionality, the variety of games on offer, the trustworthy payment options and rapid cash out options. However, the downsides are most certainly the lack of customer support, the lackluster site design and the lack of social media presence from this site. We would say give this site a try or at least keep it on your radar as we except huge improvements in the future.