Gamdom affiliate code for 2021

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Free Reward up to 80000 free coins. Use code: CSGOBANG

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Rainbot every 8-12 mins

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First Deposit Bonus

When searching for the best CSGO gambling sites, the amount of deals, offers, promotions and free stuff on offer is likely to play a role in your overall decision. So with that in mind, we have a Gamdom referral code for you:

Receive up to 80,000 free coins using code: CSGOBANG

With this Gamdom free chest code, all new users will receive a Gamdom free case and up to 80000 free coins that can be used to wager and play the various games that are available on the website. Plus, you’ll have the chance to acquire free CSGO skins, DOTA skins and VGO skins too. Existing customers cannot make use of this Gamdom promo code.

How Can You Use an Affiliate Code on Gamdom?

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Receiving free stuff is always a good thing, after all, it’s free so there is no downside. However, you need to know how you can use these free coins and free skins on Gamdom. So we have researched and listed all the ways you can use your free skins and coins on Gamdom below:

Crash: This game is probably the easiest and most accessible to beginners of all listed here. This game requires the player to select a multiplier and then watch a curve in the hope that their selection wins.

Roulette: Roulette is another straightforward game that you can wager free coins and skins on Gamdom. This game requires the player to select a colour, a grouping of numbers or one number and the player wins if their selection is correct. This game has very slick animations and is also great for beginners.

Trade up: If you are a player that enjoys the betting and trading of skins rather than using coins, then Trade-up is the game where you select a skin that you desire and wager other skins in your possession. Then the multiplier will display the likelihood of you winning this skin and you can choose to gamble for the chance to gain this prize. Also, coins can also be used in this game but players often prefer using skins.

Hilo: The title of this game pretty much tells you all you need to know about this game. Players will be able to wager skins and coins based on the turn of a card. The aim of the game is to select groupings or exacts cards that will appear when the card is turned. You can base this on the suits, cards higher than the last card and cards lower than the last card, each with its own multiplier. This is a fun game and also has excellent animations.

Slots: Now moving on to the non-house games on offer. Gamdom offers a number of slots from premium slot providers such as NetEnt and Pragmatic Play to name a few, allowing players to play some of the best video slots around and use coins and skins instead of the conventional stakes at other gambling websites.

Match Betting: Players will also have access to a sports/esports book that will grant players the chance to bet on live sport and Esports competitions including matches within CSGO. This sportsbook includes great features including a percentage of other users who bet for each outcome.

Live Games: Then lastly, Gamdom offer exciting live dealer games from premium providers such as Evolution Gaming, allowing players to gamble in real time.

Is There a Referral System with Gamdom?

Yes, players who use Gamdom will be able to generate their own Gamdom affiliate code which they can give to other new users. Those who use the code will gain free chest which can reward up to 80000 free coins. Then those who have provided the referral code will also receive an in-house commission for their efforts.

There are different levels of affiliate program. More users will use your Gamdom promo code, higher percentage you will receive from their wagered amount.

Do Gamdom Do Giveaways Often?

Thanks to the social media footprint that Gamdom have online, this platform is able to offer several giveaways. This allows them to keep existing customers engaged with the product, to help advertise the service to new customers. However, most importantly, it allows players to potentially get their hands on a stack of free coins or a rare free skin that they can use or withdraw from Gamdom.

Gamdom’s Rainbot System

While Gamdom does have several systems that can be found on other competing CSGO gambling sites. There is one system that is completely unique to them and that is the Rainbot system. This is a quick-fire reward system that will give players a chance to win free coins and skins every eight to twelve minutes. Players will be able to access this feature via the live chat feature and to qualify for these rewards, players will need to meet certain daily/weekly criteria.

The Rain/snow bonus: To qualify for this bonus, the player simply has to verify their account to be in with a chance of a win. Then when it appears in the chat, quickly select ‘claim your bonus’ and solve the captchas. This will reward you with a select number of coins or skins depending on your site level and the number of players who also claim the reward.

Blizzard/Tornado Bonus: This is the mid-tier reward bonus and requires a certain number of criteria to be completed for the player to be awarded this bonus. Players must have wagered at least 10,000 coins within the last 12 hours to be in with a chance of claiming this bonus.

Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche bonus: This bonus is significantly more desirable than that listed above but to claim it, Gamdom asks more of it’s players. To be in with a chance, the player must have wagered 25,000 coins throughout their time using the platform in the last five hours.

Claiming these bonuses costs the player nothing and is a great way for players to gain Gamdom free cases, free coins and free skins.

Does Gamdom Offer a Loyalty Bonus?

Alongside the great promotions, games and bonuses on offer at Gamdom, they also have a loyalty bonus. In an attempt to keep existing customers satisfied, Gamdom gifts players of certain levels Gamdom free cases, coins and skins. The prizes that a player will receive will depend on their level and how high they are on the site leader board. To climb this leader board, the user simply needs to partake in the various games and wager frequently.

Gamdom Dominates the Competition

As you can see, Gamdom does a great job of catering to their player base. Users will be able to use the Gamdom referral code listed at the top of the article for a fantastic bonus. There is also a tonne of great giveaways, promotions and a fantastic rain bot reward system to satisfy loyal players. Plus, there are a plethora of games for players to spend their free skins and Gamdom coins on. Overall, Gamdom gives players everything they could ever need and we would urge you to give it a try today. Still not convinced or want to know about deposit methods? Here is our Gamdom review.