CSGOPolygon Bonus Codes for 2021

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1000 Free coins. Use code: CSGOBANG

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First Deposit Bonus

When you are searching online for the CSGO gambling platform that has everything you seek, many factors can help you make your decision. Some players may prefer a huge selection of games to play. Others may enjoy an excellent customer support system. Or alternatively, you may value a strong player base above all else. However, we always say that the most important aspect of a website is the deals, promotions and free goodies that they offer to their users. So with that in mind, we have a CSGOPolygon promo code that may help make your decision a little easier. Here it is listed below:

Claim free 1000 coins. Activate code CSGOBANG in “Redeem Code” section, located in upper menu.

With this code, players will be able to claim free 1000 CSGO Polygon coins, players will gain access to all games. This means that players will be able to play longer, potentially increase their winnings and also get their hands on free rare CSGO skins for no extra cost. So be sure to enter our CSGOPolygon affiliate code.

What Games Do CSGOPolygon Offer?

CSGOPolygon offer a wealth of great gambling options which contain variations of popular casino games and other recognizable games within the CSGO gambling community. However, we will admit that the quantity of games will be rather underwhelming to users who are used to more variety from more recognized brands on the market. Here is a rundown of all the games offered at CSGOPolygon:

Roulette: This game is a simple concept that gives the player a chance to double their money at the very least with the highest bet multipying their stake 14 fold. The aim of the game is to pick one of the options on screen and if your choice pops up on screen, you win big. This game is no different to the popular casino game in principle and this makes it the perfect game for beginners to try. Find out more about CSGO roulette strategies in this guide. Roulette is one of the best games to use your free coins.

Crash: This game is probably the easiest and most accessible to beginners on CSGOPolygon of all listed here. This game requires the player to select a multiplier and then watch a curve in the hope that their selection wins. The winner is chosen based on when the curve crashes on the floor. This is a great game to play if you are a little tired of the roulette format.

Dice: Then we have dice, another casino game that is a much more straightforward variant of the game, craps. Then this game asks the player to pick an outcome. This may be a number less or more than three. It might be one particular number. It’s up to the player. Then the dice is rolled and if your selection pops up, you win big. It’s simple, easy to follow and accessible for beginners.

Coinflip: Next, we have coinflip, a game that gives players a 50/50 chance of winning. This game works exactly the same as a simple coin toss would do. You choose which of the two outcomes available will happen and then if you choose right, you double your money. Fail to do so, and you’ll walk away with nothing. It’s a very straightforward and to the point game.

Match Betting: this game type is good to safely increase an amount of free coins received using our bonus code. You can bet on CSGO matches by predicting future competition outcome. Sadly, you can bet only on CSGO matches and you won’t find other eSports games. It is not necessary bad thing but it can be slow because sometimes there are not that many action in competitive CSGO scene. Of course that changes when any of major tournaments begins. If you are looking for wider variety of betting options, please check other sites that offers match betting.

Do CSGOPolygon Have a Referral System?

Yes, CSGOPolygon offers a referral system for it’s users and it’s a pretty generous one. Users who make use of the CSGOPolygon promo codes on offer will be rewarded with 1000 free CSGO Polygon coins. While this may seem like a ludicrous amount, we need to inform you that 1000 coins on this platform only equate to $1. However, considering that most companies only offer their new customers around $0.50 with their referral code bonus, we have to say that CSGOPolygon are better than most in this regard.

Then as for those that supply the referral codes to new users. The amount you receive when a player redeems this code will depend on the Steam level of the player who redeems the code. The absolute minimum that you can receive is one coin and this will relate to fresh accounts on level one. However, for all accounts at level 20 or over, the CSGOPolygon affiliate code owner will receive 200 coins in their account. It’s admittedly not as lucrative as a percentage format that other sites tend to use but we can see the merit to this format too.

Do CSGOPolygon Offer Regular Giveaways?

Yes, CSGOPolygon offers a number of giveaways and promotions so that their users can find value in the platform, even when not spending. They offer a variety of giveaways on their social media pages, often giving away an abundance of coins and free, rare skins to players who participate. Then, of course, there is the jackpot incentive that players are entered into simply for playing any game on the site. However, we were rather sad to see that the company doesn’t offer any daily rewards, internal giveaway pages or other incentives to keep users satisfied. So if this is a big part of your decision making process when choosing a new CSGO gambling platform, you may want to look elsewhere.

Do CSGOPolygon Have a Loyalty Scheme?

If you are looking for a reason to return to CSGOPolygon time and time again, we are sorry to say that the platform doesn’t cater to return customers. While the general services provided are of a high standard, there are very few rewards, giveaways, perks or loyalty bonuses to make avail of on this website. So when compared to other platforms that do offer perks such as premium memberships, exclusive deals and quicker withdrawal times, it’s easy to see why players wouldn’t want to commit to CSGOPolygon on a long term basis.

What Unique Features Do CSGOPolygon Offer?

In terms of unique features, we also found CSGOPolygon to be wanting in this department. The service is a competent and straightforward CSGO gambling service. However, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that other platforms have which make them special and desirable to gamblers. Here are the somewhat unique things that CSGOPolygon are able to provide:

Crypto Withdrawals: While not necessarily the most unique thing you’ll find on the CSGO market, we were happy to see that CSGOPolygon offer their customers the ability to withdraw funds in the form of crypto currency. They allow players to cash out with Butcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Meaning that for those who tend to spend with crypto currency, this website is a good option.

Small House Edge: While websites will try to make sure the house always wins. CSGOPolygon don’t overstep the mark on this and in truth, their house edge is rather lenient. This means that on average, the house has less of an advantage over the player, which inevitably leads to more wins and more skins or cash.

Generous Free Coins Reward: we would like to point out that lack of promotions or giveaways doesn’t always mean that site is cheap. 1000 free CSGOPolygon coins for every new user is one of the most generous rewards. There are other CSGO gambling sites with good free coins promotions as well, but CSGOPolygon is at the very top.

The Verdict

While CSGOPolygon may be one of the OG’s in terms of CSGO gambling platforms. It seems that it hasn’t managed to grow in scale or quality when compared with it’s competitors. The site is a competent one and provides a decent gambling experience. The house edge is a nice feature and as a whole, gamblers will find pockets of joy on this platform. However, if you are looking for a platform that rewards the player for their time and loyalty, this one isn’t it. If you do choose to give this one a try, be sure to make use of our CSGOPolygon bonus code.