Upcoming Major CSGO events in 2021


The upcoming months are going to witness some of the biggest CSGO events, highly anticipated by match-betting enthusiasts. These events come in different types and forms and extend across the entire world including Europe, Asia, and South America.

We know you don’t want to miss betting on any of the major events this year. We have compiled a list of all top-tier events that feature the best CSGO teams in the world and impressive prize money. So, prepare yourself well in advance and do your research so you don’t miss out betting on any of these.

Major CSGO Tournaments of 2021

1.  IEM Masters Tournament

Intel Extreme Masters are esports tournaments that are held in various countries across the world. These are organized by ESL and sponsored by Intel. Three events have been planned in different cities of the world; Melbourne in August, New York in October, and Asia in December.

The tournament comes with an enticing prize pool of $250,000. All three tournaments are going to feature BO3 matches with 8 teams participating. The game follows the GSL format to determine the winner.

2.  ESL Pro League

This year, ESL is going to organize two Pro League tournaments in Malta. Season 13 will take place in March-April and Season 14 in Sep-Oct. These events were initially planned for the year 2020 but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

The prize pool for both seasons is going to be a whopping $750,000. The game will feature BO3 matches in a four single round-robin format. The Grand Final match would follow the Best of Five format to declare the winner team.

3.  Blast Premier

The Blast Premier tournament has already started and is going to last till 19th December. It’s one of the top tournaments that stretch over a year and has combined prize money of more than 2 million dollars.

This tournament is divided into two; Spring and Fall stages. Each of these stages features a regular season, a Showdown phase, and a Grand Final. A total of 24 teams participate in this event and contest for the final prize money of $1 million.

These games offer a great opportunity for match-betting. CSGOLounge and Thunderpick are a few of the most reliable CSGO betting sites. You will find a vast number of major CSGO tournaments on these sites.

4.  DreamHack Masters

This is one of the upcoming CSGO events that offer a decent prize pool of around $250,000. DreamHack Masters are known to focus on enhancing viewers’ experience of watching the event from all over the world. This event is expected to take place in early June.

The tournament promises some good action between the top CSGO players and also a chance to make profits with esports betting on the matches. DreamHack Masters is one of the oldest CSGO competitions and has a tremendous fan following. It’s a much-awaited event by CSGO match betters.

5.  CSGO Major Championship Fall

This event is sponsored by Valve itself and is going to be the most popular CSGO event of the year. The game features 24 teams going through three stages; Challengers, Legends, and Champions to strive for the prize money of $1 million.

The challenger stage event will be held from 1st to 4th November. This event will take place between 16 teams. The top 8 teams will move to the next stage while the bottom 8 will be eliminated. The next round will take place between 6th and 9th November where 8 teams would proceed to the Champions stage.

6.  IEM Katowice

Another highly anticipated CSGO event of 2021 is IEM Katowice, which will start on 23rd October and continue for over two weeks. It offers a total prize pool of $1 million and a fabulous $400,000 reward for the tournament winner.

This CSGO event will occur in three stages. A total of 16 teams contest in the first round and only 8 teams progress to the next round. The next stage also called the group stage will feature two groups of 8 teams each playing a single elimination bracket format with Bo3 matches.


These are some of the most ancient and prominent CSGO tournaments that attract a huge number of betters. As a CSGO betting enthusiast, you can hardly afford to miss any of these. If you are looking for reliable CSGO match betting site with good odds, please check our listing where you can find best betting sites.