Best CSGO Crash Strategy


Crash betting can win you a lot of money if you can really beat the game. You hear about several CSGO crash strategies, but do these really work? The Crash is one of those games where the higher profits you target, the greater are the risks of losing them all.

Well, a lot of those strategies being advertised do not work. We don’t want you to go through all the losses to figure out which ones don’t work. Let’s talk about the ones that have been found to be effective in a number of experiments. These strategies have emerged over years and grown in popularity with several gamblers actually benefiting from them.  

Useful strategies for winning in CSGO crash gambling

You are never going to predict when the multiplier will crash. Most strategies take into account that you will lose several bets before you win a few. But the idea is to win big a few times so the net wins are higher than the net losses.

1.  Auto cashout at a fixed number

The simplest strategy that might work is to set auto-cashout at a specific value like 2x. Always collect your profits when the multiplier reaches this amount. It will crash a number of times before reaching this value, but it won’t sweep away all your profits and you would still make some good gains.

You can experiment with different cash-out values to see what works the best. If you choose a higher value like 5x, you will get fewer wins but those will be substantial enough to make the betting profitable. A lower value like 1.5x would give you multiple smaller wins and reduce losses.

2.  Martingale betting

Martingale betting is quite a popular CSGO crash betting strategy that was developed in 18th century France. It’s one of those must-know strategies every crash better should try. Every time you lose a bet, you increase the betting amount by a certain percentage. When you win, you start again with the initial or the base amount.

The idea is that you may lose several bets in a row, but an eventual win would still make the overall betting profitable. You will need a large bankroll to bear the initial losses until a big win would recover what you had lost. You can use the auto settings to increase the betting amount on every loss.

3.  Anti-Martingale

There is another strategy that works quite the opposite of Martingale strategy. In this case, every time you win, you increase the betting amount by a certain value. Every time you lose a bet, you decrease the betting amount by the same value.

This strategy is based on winning and losing streaks that many betters experience. If you win a certain bet, it is assumed that there is a high probability of winning the next one. Likewise, if you lose a bet, you must assume that you will also lose the next one, thus you reduce the betting amount.

These strategies are designed to make consistent profits. However, you will need to play a high number of rounds to recover losses and to start making profits. There are many other CSGO betting strategies based on this one. With a few tweaks, you can come up with your own strategy derived from these.


A betting strategy can serve many purposes. Besides helping you make consistent profits, it also helps prevent impulsive decisions. A common issue with gamblers is they become greedy when they make profits and end up making choices that could wash away all the profits they have made so far.

Using a strategy, you can stick to a particular rule that has worked for several other betters. It keeps you from gambling emotionally, so you don’t end up losing money rather than making profits on your bets. Good luck and gamble responsible.