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First Deposit Bonus

As a keen CSGO gambler, it is often the case that you get tired of one platform and so in search of a new, exciting CSGO gambling site. When doing this, you need to be aware of the games, services and unique features that the gambling website offers. However, we would argue that the most important aspect of each website is how generous their promotions, giveaways and WTFSkins affiliate code bonuses are. So, with that in mind, we have a WTFskins Referral code that just might entice you to use their service. Here it is listed below:

Claim free $0.25 redeeming code on site: CSGOBANG

With this WTFSkins affiliate code, players will be able to claim free coins worth $0.25. Meaning that you will be able to enjoy more of WTFskin’s games, play for a longer period of time and also potentially earn tonnes of skins with minimal investment. So be sure to make use of our WTFskins promo code today.

Where you can use free coins at the WTFSkins?

When selecting the best CSGO gambling platform to invest your time and money into, there are a number of considerations that will sway your decision. One may be that the platform must offer a wide selection of games. Having multiple wagering options is key to a happy and satisfied customer base and WTFskins do offer a selection of ways to bet through their website. We will admit, none are particularly unique. However, each function well and gives the player a selection of ways to play. Here is a list of the games on offer at WTFSkins:

Crash: This game is probably the easiest and most accessible to beginners on WTFSkins of all listed here. This game requires the player to select a multiplier and then watch a curve in the hope that their selection wins.

Roulette: Roulette is another straightforward game that you can wager free coins and skins on WTFSkins. This game requires the player to select a colour, a grouping of numbers or one number and the player wins if their selection is correct. This game has very slick animations and is also great for beginners.

Jackpot: Then lastly you have Jackpot. This game isn’t so much of a game as it is an incentive to play that is controlled by luck. Players will be given the chance to win the jackpot prize everytime they play other games listed here. Then if they happen to win the prize, they will be rewarded with an excess of coins and skins.

It is also worth noting that there is a case opening option listed on this website. However, thanks to the partnership that this platform has with CSGOLive, you will be redirected there for this service. So technically this website offers a case opening option, but through a third party. You can find all CSGO case opening sites on this page.

Do WTFSkins have a referral system?

Yes, WTFskins has a referral system where users can generate their own WTFSkins referral codes or simply use others, like ours listed above. Players that make use of a referral code will be awarded free coins worth the equivalent of $0.25. Then as for the referral code owners, they will receive a fair house commission percentage for the amount that the referred players wager throughout their time playing on WTFskins.

Do WTFSkins offer regular giveaways?

Yes, WTFSkins do offer bonuses in the form of social media giveaways and a daily bonus on the site. WTFSkins has a very limited social media presence online. However, their strongest page in terms of followers is their official Twitter page. So you will often see skins and bonus coins being distributed to lucky winners through this channel. This will usually take place about once a week.

However, if you are on the hunt for a more regular reward WTFSkins offers that in the form of its daily bonus pot. Players who play during that day will be entered into the bonus pot and will be in with a chance of winning a spectacular amount of gems which they can use to continue playing or cash out.

WTFSkins unique and notable features

WTF Legends: A key feature that draws players to WTFSkins is the WTF Legends leaderboard. This looks like a simple leaderboard that allows you to compare your performance on the platform with other players. A feature that is still very impressive in and of itself. However, this leader board also acts as a long-term event. Players will battle it out to place as high as they can on the rankings. Then at the end of the contest period, your ranking will determine what gems and rare skins you will be awarded for your efforts. For example, the top prize at time of writing is 1,700,000 gems and an AWP Dragon Lore (FN). So that gives you an idea of what is at stake.

This refers to the monthly rewards. However, players will be able to take part in weekly and daily WTF Legends events too. Meaning that whether you are a bit part player, or a full time WTF gambler, there is always motivation to play and something to win at no extra cost.

WTF else would you gamble with?

Overall, WTFskins may not be able to offer the same comprehensive gambling experience as it’s more successful and more tenured counterparts. However, there are still some reasons to use WTFSkins over the competition. WTF Legends is a large part of this as there is always a larger goal to work toward, always something to win and always free stuff on offer to players. There are also daily free bonuses, a decent number of games to play and overall, despite this website only being live two years, it really shows maturity far past its age. We would urge you to give this one a try and be sure to use our WTFSkins affiliate code when you do. If you need more info about this site please read our WTFSkins review.