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When scouring the web for a CSGO gambling website that can provide everything you need, there are a lot of factors to consider. There is the gaming library, the quality of service and many other core aspects that make a gambling platform great. However, we would argue that promotions and free stuff reign supreme. So, with that in mind, we have a Farmskins Referral code that may entice you to use their service. Here it is below:

Receive $0.90 free coins. Use code: CSGOBANG

What Games Do Farmskins Offer?

While many CSGO gambling and case opening websites do offer a variety of casino games and fun activities. This is sadly not something that Farmskins can offer as a platform. This site is for all intents and purposes, a case opening platform and doesn’t offer any conventional casino games for CSGO patrons. However, this doesn’t mean that users can’t play a number of case opening related games. These games have a certain degree of chance to them which make them a form of CSGO gambling. However, they do focus primarily on gathering and opening cases. Here is a few of the options that are available at Farmskins:

Upgrade: Firstly, we have the upgrade activity. This allows players to wager CSGO skins in groups of up to 6. Then the upgrade system will give the player the odds of obtaining a rare item based on what they have wagered. The player can select whichever item they choose and the odds will be calculated against the value of the items wagered. Then the player will either win the desired item or walk away with nothing. It’s a high stakes game but one that can lead to a very happy player if luck is on your side.

Case Battle: Next up is case battle. This game allows players to go head to head with opponents on the platform and try to improve their case’s value. A gauntlet is thrown down with each player choosing a case to wager. Then players will choose the multiplier that they think will be chosen. Then if they are right, they can potentially double, triple or quadruple their winnings. This game is very similar to other platforms popular game mode, Crash.

Contract: Contract is less of a game or activity and more of a service provided by Farmskins. This allows players to list unwanted or valuable items. Then the contract calculator will value these items and pitch a competitive offer to the user. If the user likes this offer, they can part ways with their items and they will receive Farmskins coins that can be used to buy more desirable items. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted items and get better items at a discounted price.

Gaben’s Store: Then lastly, we have Gaben’s Store. Again, this isn’t so much a game or activity. This is more of an incentive to buy more cases via the platform. Thing of this as Farmskin’s answer to jackpot games on other CSGO gambling websites. This feature allows players to collect a commodity known as bullets. These drop 30% of the time when you make a purchase through the platform. These bullets can then be used to redeem great prizes, provided you collect enough. This is a feature that caters to regular customers and acts as a sort of cashback service.

Do Farmskins Have a Referral System?

Yes, Farmskins do have a referral system and it’s a decent one at that. For those that provide the referral codes to new users, you will receive a percentage of the purchases these users make throughout their time using the platform. Farm skins do not disclose the percentage that referring users will receive. However, if we were to compare it to other examples within the CSGO market, we would estimate that it would begin at 1%, with the potential to rise to 5-6% depending on how successful you are at distributing your code.

Then with regards to those who make use of the referral code. You can expect to receive anywhere from $0.50 to $1 worth of Farmskins coins for using these codes. This is a decent starting point for new players and will allow you to make your first purchase with a nice discount. Be sure to make use of our Farmskins referral code for some money off.

Do Farmskins Offer Regular Giveaways?

Yes, not only to Farmskins offer regular giveaways through their various social media channels. They also offer daily rewards for their customers too. This bonus comes in the form of a Farmskins free case which players will be able to open and receive free skins or coins. These free cases present themselves every 24 hours and remain available to claim for at least one week. So there is little chance that you will miss out, even if you are a bit part player. So if you are looking for a platform that is good value even without depoising funds, Farmskins is a great option.

Do Farmskins Have a Loyalty Scheme?

Farmskins don’t offer a loyalty scheme so to speak. There is no ability to level up your account, buy a premium membership or earn perks such as faster withdrawals or exclusive promotions. However, what we will say is that the Gaben’s Store feature is a great feature that rewards loyal customers for their patronage. They will be able to redeem prizes which are very impressive indeed, making it worthwhile to regularly return to this platform for all your CSGO needs. However, with added perks for ‘high rollers’, this website could shine even brighter.

What Unique Features Do Farmskins Offer?

Aside from the Gaben’s Store feature and the lucrative daily rewards and giveaways that we also mentioned, Farmskins doesn’t offer an awful lot of truly unique content. It is a very by the book CSGO case opening website and as a result, what you see is what you get. It’s a legit and transparent service you can trust and there is plenty of reason to use their service. However, we would love to have seen more bells and whistles to set it apart from other generic CSGO case opening sites.

For example, the website doesn’t have a live chat function for players to converse with one another. The site doesn’t offer casino games and also, the website doesn’t offer fun games or animations for the activities that they do have on the platform. If there was ever an area for Farmskins to focus on developing, it is their uniqueness amongst stiff competition.

The Verdict

Overall, Farmskins is a solid case opening site with more than enough rewards, promotions and great deals to attract and retain a large number of customers. Our main gripes were with the uniqueness of the features provided and the lack of a live chat for players to use. However, viewing this website holistically, we can see the value of the platform and we would say that is definitely worth trying if you want to open some CSGO skins. Also, if you do, remember to use our Farmskins Promo code when you do.