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Get 5% deposit bonus. Use code: CSGOBANG

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First Deposit Bonus

When you are searching online for the CSGO case opening site that has everything you seek, many factors can help you make your decision. Some players may prefer a huge selection of cases to open. Others may enjoy an excellent customer support system. Or alternatively, you may value a strong player base above all else. However, we always say that the most important aspect of a CSGO website is the deals, promotions and free goodies that they offer to their users. So with that in mind, we have a Datdrop referral code that may help make your decision a little easier. Here it is listed below:

Get 5% deposit bonus. Use code: CSGOBANG

What Games Does Datdrop Offer?

Due to the link between Datdrop and Zorgo, Datdrop don’t offer any casino games of their own. Instead, the website provides a direct hyperlink directing casino game fans to their sister site. However, for CSGO gambling fans that enjoy case opening activities, there is still plenty of enjoyment to be found when using this platform. The website offers some excellent cases and some great ways to compete with other players. However, we will admit that variety isn’t something that Datdrop can claim to offer. Here is a quick rundown of the games on Datdrop:

Case Battle: First up is case battle. This game allows players to go head to head with opponents on the platform and try to improve their case’s value. A gauntlet is thrown down with each player choosing a case to wager. Then players will choose the multiplier that they think will be chosen. Then if they are right, they can potentially double, triple or quadruple their winnings. This game is very similar to other platforms popular game mode, Crash. Datdrop has played host to over 16 million case battles at the time of writing.

Upgrade: This game provides another method to increase your case’s value, only this time you aren’t playing against another player. In this game, you simply choose an item within your inventory and you choose an item you would like to upgrade to. Then the system works out a percentage chance of this coming to fruition.

Then if this happens to be the case, you will receive a brand-new luxury item. This is a great way to improve your library of items and a fun game to boot. However, just be careful, as nothing is ever guaranteed when using the upgrade feature. At time of writing, over 7 million upgrades have been commissioned through Datdrop.

Do Datdrop Have a Referral System?

Yes, Datdrop do indeed have a referral system for new customers and for those providing codes. For the former, they will receive a 5% deposit bonus up to a max of $100. This is a good approach as this puts the power in the referral code user’s hands. As they have the power to make this referral code as lucrative as they choose depending on their investment. However, on the flipside, most platforms offer something for nothing which is always going to attract a bigger crowd. So for those seeking a free bonus without investment, it’s best you look elsewhere.

Then with regards to the code providers, you will receive a percentage of the deposit your code user invests. Initially, this will be 1% of the total invested. However, if you are able to spread your code far and wide, you can grow your commission to a point where you earn 10% of every new customer deposit. So to summarize, this referral system is much more favourable for the providers than the users.

Do Datdrop Have a Loyalty Scheme?

Sadly Datdrop don’t really do anything to offer added value to the customer. There are some schemes for sponsorship and partnerships with influencers. However, for the general customer, there are no daily rewards, no perks, no exclusive promotions and no ‘high roller’ statutes to be obtained. It’s a real shame as the platform doesn’t do a lot to stand out from the pack already, so this lack of customer appreciation really cements the view that this platform isn’t worth investing time or money into long-term.

What Unique Features Does Datdrop Offer?

Hourly Giveaways: While the platform doesn’t reward loyal customers, it does provide regular giveaways which all customers can make avail of. These giveaways allow players to potentially get their hands on rare skins which they can either use to play games on the site, or cash out for personal use in game. This is a welcome feature and one that may entice a few players to check in with Datdrop now and again at the very least.

Filter by Weapon: This may be a small feature, but it’s one that is seldom seen on case opening websites. Within Datdrop’s filtering options for cases, players can filter by weapon type, allow you to find the exact skin for the weapon on your choice in seconds. We appreciated this UI decision and it makes this platform perfect for those in a hurry to get what they need.

The Verdict

Overall, Datdrop is an average CSGO gambling and case opening website in our opinion. It offers enough activities, cases and giveaways to get a few players through the door. However, when the website garners your attention, it does very little to retain customers, with the referral bonus perhaps being the best example of this lack of customer appreciation. However, if you want to at least check out Datdrop for yourself, use our Datdrop referral code and have fun.