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First Deposit Bonus
10% Refill Bonus

When scouring the web for a CSGO gambling website that can provide everything you need, there are a lot of factors to consider. There is the gaming library, the quality of service and many other core aspects that make a gambling platform great. However, we would argue that promotions and free stuff reign supreme. So, with that in mind, we have a CSGOFast Referral code that may entice you to use their service. Here it is below:

Get 10 free coins. Use code: JR44A5-CSGO

With this CSGOFast Affiliate code, the player will be able to claim 10 free coins. So, through this, the player will be able to play for longer, enjoy a wider variety of the games on offer, potentially win more cash and skins and best of all, this is all completely free of charge. So be sure to make use of our CSGOFast promo code today.

What Games Do CSGOFast Offer?

CSGOfast offer one of the most impressive selection of CSGO gambling games that you are likely to find anywhere on the market. Here is the full selection:

Hilo: Firstly, we have Hilo, a game that is essentially a game of higher or lower. You’ll be presented with a value and a series of multipliers and all you have to do is choose whether the next value will be higher or lower. Very easy to grasp and very fun.

Crash: This game is probably the easiest and most accessible to beginners of all listed here. This game requires the player to select a multiplier and then watch a curve in the hope that their selection wins. The winner is the one who chooses the point where the curve plummets to the ground and crashes. It is the best game to use your free coins.

Double: This is what CSGOFast calls roulette. This game plays almost identically to the popular casino game and this makes this perfect for beginners looking for a little familiarity.

X50: This is another variation of Roulette although this wheel has a particular draw for players who love a high-risk bet. This wheel has one segment that will allow you to multiply your stake by 50x. So for players who feel that luck is on their side, this is a great option.

Baccarat: This is a complete replica of the popular casino table game. This game is very similar to blackjack in that you will have to create a hand that has the highest value, with the best value being nine. This isn’t the best choice for beginners but for experienced players, this is a great choice.

Wheel: This is a lucky dip where players pay a fee to spin the wheel and have the chance of coming away with a brilliant prize. Every spin is a winner but you may pull a stinker of a prize, so spin wisely.

Tower: This game has the player try to climb a tower of hidden options to win the top prize. However, there is only one clear path to the top and plenty of dud options that will end your game. It kind of like mine sweeper but without the logic. This is a fun one and a great way to earn big prizes.

These are the most popular games on the website. However, there are other options for players, such as case opening, crafting cases, video slot and Poggi.

Do CSGOFast Have a Referral System?

CSGOFast do have a referral system. However, when compared to some of the other options on the market, it’s average at best. If you redeem a CSGOFast referral code, you’ll get $0.50 added to your account. This is basically the bare minimum that we would expect from a referral code but it’s still great to see a company offer something for nothing.

Then as for those providing the codes to new customers, they can expect to receive a house commission percentage. Users who share codes can get up to 40% commission of the house edge, which can lead to big profits if utilized correctly. So, in short, it’s ok for new customers but a rather great system for those sharing the CSGOFast referral codes.

What Unique Features Does CSGORoll Offer?

Daily and Weekly quests: If you are looking for an incentive to play, CSGOFast always provide an abundance of reasons to play with them regularly. They do this through the daily and weekly quests feature which asks players to complete a series of tasks in return for tickets. These tickets count towards a raffle that happens once a day, once a week or once a month, depending on the tickets you earn. This is a great feature that motivates players, gives back to regular customers and makes gambling with CSGOFast more fun.

Live Chat: While its not exactly the most unique thing in the world, we still appreciate when sites offer a live chat function. CSGOFast do this, allowing players to chat as they play and share stories about their winnings. It’s a simple addition but one that really enhances the overall gambling experience.

The Verdict

Overall, CSGOFast is a solid CSGO gambling websites with some great rewards on offer for loyal players. The number of games on offer is the real draw of this platform as very few sites can compete with the variety on show here. Plus, this website caters to both case opening fans and casino game aficionados in equal measure which is much appreciated. So if you like the look of CSGOFast, be sure to give their platform a try and if you do, be sure to use our CSGOFast referral code.