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When you are searching for a CSGO gambling website that meets all your expectations, there are a number of factors that will be at play. The games, the quality of service and the inventory of items on offer all play their part. However, we would argue that to get players on the site in the first place, you need to have incredible deals and promotions. So, with that in mind, we have a referral code for popular gambling platform CSGOatse that will make that site all the more enticing. Here it is below:

Claim 1000 free coins using code: CSGOBANG

With this CSGOatse referral code, players will gain access to CSGOatse free cases, gain access to free CSGOatse currency and therefore, you will be able to play longer at no extra cost. So be sure to make use of this CSGOatse Affiliate code today.

What Games Do CSGOatse Offer?

Some may come for the CSGOatse promo code. However, players will only stay if the games on offer are good. Thankfully at CSGOatse, the games are varied and offer quality gambling experiences. Here is a list of the games on offer at CSGOatse:

Wheel of destiny: This game is probably the easiest and most accessible CSGOatse game for beginners. This game is pretty much the same as crash and requires the player to select a multiplier and then watch a curve in the hope that their selection wins.

Roulette: It is called Mega Wheel on the CSGOatse, tho, is another straightforward CSGOatse game that you can wager free coins and skins. This game requires the player to select a colour, a grouping of numbers or one number and the player wins if their selection is correct. This game has very slick animations and is also great for beginners.

Jackpot: This isn’t so much of a game as an extra incentive that is governed by luck. When the player plays one of the other games, there is a possibility that they will be entered into the jackpot draw. Then if the player wins, they get a healthy boost to their site wallet.

Blackjack: This one is again, very simple and sticks to the rules of the true to life card game. Players will be dealt you cards and will be granted the option to add more cards to their hand. The goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without ever exceeding this value. It’s a simple concept and a great way to spend your free coins and skins.

Dice: This game is a mix of the game Craps and higher or lower. The player will roll one six-sided dice and the goal is to either choose the exact value it will land on. Or alternatively, choose whether the value will be higher or lower than 3.

Crash: It is also beginner friendly game. CSGO crash is popular amongst gambling sites and CSGOatse have this game type as well. Main goal is to cash out before curve crashes.

Is There a Referral System at CSGOatse?

Yes, as of 2016 the service has made use of a referral system. Through generating your own CSGOatse referral code, anyone that uses this will receive 1000 coins as standard and five coins with their first deposit. This is equivalent to the cash value of one dollar. Then in addition to this, CSGOatse referral code owners will receive 0.05% of all code user’s wagers up to 2.5% and they will also be eligible for free coins and rewards if their code is one of the most popular on the site. Overall, CSGOatse has one of the more rewarding referral codes on the market.

Please note that in order to use affiliate system you need to have Steam account with level 5 or above. In order to use CSGOatse promo code and claim free coins you need to meet same requirements.

Do CSGOatse Offer Regular Giveaways?

Yes, thanks to the rather large social media presence that CSGOatse has, they therefore have the scope to provide multiple giveaways a week. Players will be given the opportunity to gain free cases, free coins and exceptionally rare skins simply by participating and interacting with their online posts. Meaning that it could not be easier to get something for nothing at CSGOatse.

What Are CSGOatse’s Unique Features?

The Leaderboard: This service allows players to view their winnings, participation and gameplay stats in real time via an online leaderboard. This shows all your stats and other patrons stats for all to see. This instils a sense of competition within each player and often keeps players playing longer all in the aim of earning more quality skins than their counterparts.

Live Chat Service: CSGOatse also offers a fantastic live chat service that is seamlessly integrated into the websites design. The player will be able to converse with other players, brag about their winnings and get tips from experienced players.

A Great CSGO Gambling Experience

Overall, CSGOatse offers a wide variety of games, a number of unique features that make their platform for desirable than others on the market. Plus, the service also offers more than enough giveaways, promotions and free stuff to make it worth any players while to stick around. We will admit that having no case opening feature is a little bit of a letdown but when you take all the other positive aspects into account, we can excuse this small issue. Be sure to claim your free bonus with our CSGOatse promo code today.