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As a keen CSGO gambler, it is often the case that you get tired of one platform and so in search of a new, exciting CSGO gambling site. When doing this, you need to be aware of the games, services and unique features that the gambling website offers. However, we would argue that the most important aspect of each website is how generous their promotions, giveaways and CSGOLive affiliate code bonuses are. So, with that in mind, we have a CSGOLive Referral code that just might entice you to use their service. Here it is listed below:

Claim free coins worth of $0.25. Use code: CSGOBANGCOM

What Games Do CSGOLive Offer?

Unlike a lot of the case opening and gambling websites on the market. CSGOLive do not offer activities or games that allow players to open their crates and cases in fun ways. The reason is most likely due to their close relationship with WTFskins. So, if players want to access gambling games, they direct players to their sister website. However, the player can still find a lot of value and enjoyment from the various options and cases that CSGOLive has to offer.

The website offers a number of different case variants. Players will be able to take advantage of bid cases which allow the player to bid against other players in an auction format to see who walks away with the spoils. Or alternatively, the player will be able to buy official cases hosted on the site that are listed at set prices and offer a variety of interesting items.

Then lastly, there are the featured and sale cases which are usually sold as part of a promotion or at a fraction of the usual price. This is a good way to acquire a great skin for a bargain price, so it’s worth checking the deals that are on offer each and every day.

Do CSGOLive Have a Referral System?

Yes, CSGOLive has an excellent referral system both for those who refer players and referred players. For the former, this service offers a house commission that is rather generous and allows you to make a percentage of any referred players purchases. This begins at around 1%. However, as your influence grows within the referral community, you could see yourself earning upwards of 5% of all purchases. So, it is certainly worth spreading the word.

Then as for users looking to set a jump start on spending. CSGOLive offers one of the most intriguing CSGO referral bonuses on the market. If you redeem a code, you may receive $0.02 which is the absolute minimum, which admittedly, would be horrible. However, it’s worth taking the gamble because if you are one of the lucky few, you could be rewarded with a maximum of $50 worth of free CSGOLive coins. It’s a great concept and acts as a gambling game in and of itself. So be sure to use our CSGOLive referral code and find out if you are in luck.

Do CSGOLive Offer Regular Giveaways?

In terms of the website, you won’t find many opportunities to win any free stuff or sign up for interesting promotions. For all intents and purposes, CSGOLive is a CSGO case opening marketplace. However, that doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t offer any form of free content and giveaways. If you were to visit the CSGOLive official Twitter page, you would find that the platform offers regular giveaways to their 14K followers.

These giveaways usually feature the opportunity to win free, rare CSGO skins and free CSGOLive coins. With this free stuff, you’ll be able to gamble for longer, or alternatively, you’ll be able to cash out your new, rare equipment and be the envy of every player or the battlefield. So, while they are somewhat limited, there are still a few worthwhile giveaways and promotions to get involved in.

Do CSGOLive Have a Loyalty Scheme?

While there may not be a dedicated loyalty scheme, there is something that isn’t too far removed from that. CSGOLive does offer a levelling system. Now this won’t offer you any perks like exclusive deals or preferential withdrawal times for example. However, this does mean that you can claim a larger daily reward depending on your level.

This works very similarly to the CSGO referral bonus. Players will be able to access the daily rewards page once per day and when they do, they will be awarded with a sum between $0.02-$50.00. Now obviously this will begin at the lower end of the spectrum for new customers. However, if you spend more, buy more cases and level up, you’ll begin to see the benefits with healthy sums of cash being added to your account every day. So be sure to take advantage of this.

What Unique Features Do CSGOLive Offer?

Custom Cases: As aspect of this website that you may not find upon other CSGO gambling and case opening websites, is a custom case opening feature. This allows players to build their own case based on their item preferences. This custom feature allows players to name their case, give their case a unique icon, choose their own affiliate cut and also set the odds of receiving each item within the selection. Then players finish up by selecting the items they want to potentially receive and pay for the pleasure of owning this case.

This is a great feature as it allows players to pay for exactly what they want without relying on the luck of the draw. Plus, this can often be a more economical choice as selecting cases that aren’t suited for your needs only lowers the odds of receiving your desired outcome. So, if there is something very specific you are after, CSGOLive may be the site for you.

The Verdict

Overall, CSGOLive may not be for those that love to be entertained when using CSGO skins as currency. However, it does offer a great service that allows you to get your hands on the skins you want with ease. There are enough unique features and giveaways to keep customers satisfied long term and if the service were to provide a structured and lucrative loyalty scheme, we think it would be one of the best options on the market for opening CSGO cases. However, in it’s current form, it’s still certainly worth a try, so use our CSGOLive referral code today and get something you want now.