Top 4 Biggest CSGO Gambling Sites


For beginners, it can be hard to find a CSGO gambling site that can be trusted. New gambling sites are flooding the internet every day. Though all these new sites look and feel genuine, most of them are fakes.  But there are a few reliable sites that have a large number of active users and are proven to be fair.

The best gambling sites offer a range of popular CSGO gambling games like CSGO roulette, CSGO crash, CSGO coinflip, etc. Genuine gambling sites provide you with a fair chance to win money and withdraw the balance whenever you want. These sites also offer free sign up bonuses to encourage beginners to try their luck.

Top CSGO gambling sites

If you are a beginner, you must be careful about the site you use. Not all sites are authentic: some are just scams to steal your money or skins. Here is a list of the top sites that offer the safest and the most exciting CSGO gambling experience.

1. CSGOEmpire

CSGOEmpire roulette

CSGO Empire is a solid site for playing CSGO roulette and other similar gambling games. It has a neat interface and prompt customer support. If you are looking for a secure gambling experience, CSGO Empire is one of the most trusted gambling sites.

It is also one of the best CSGO coin flip sites. The site has been consistently providing a seamless gambling experience. Despite high traffic, the website works flawlessly. It doesn’t have too many games, but if you want to play roulette, coin flip, etc, there is no better gambling site than this. It also features match betting to gamble on e-sports matches.

The site also offers a free signup bonus with code: CSGOBANG and a free daily bonus to welcome the new users. It has high wagering limits and the site can also be accessed in many different languages. CSGOEmpire also features free case opening to find cool skins on a daily basis.

This platform is also often used for skin trading. But trading in fiat currency or cryptocurrencies is discouraged by the platform. So, CSGOEmpire is a reliable gambling site that is also quite suitable for beginners. The only drawback is that you will only find a limited number of games to play.

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2. Gamdom

This is another authentic CSGO gambling site that are most popular of two games; roulette and crash. You can deposit crypto, fiat, as well as CSGO skins, to start gambling on Gamdom. It has a good design and a widest selection of different casino games to play.

It’s a popular site that you can trust. Withdrawals are pretty fast and the customer support is also pretty responsive. If you want to enjoy CSGO gambling without the worry of getting scammed, this site should work perfectly for you.

Gamdom is also one of the best sites to play CSGO crash. It’s totally fair and works seamlessly without lags. If you have got a strategy to try, this is a good platform to start gambling. This gambling site also offers free sign up and daily bonuses.

Biggest drawback is that Gamdom doesn't accept players from USA. It is because of Curacao gambling license restrictions. However, you can freely use VPN service to access this platform. There are no negative feedbacks around internet that would prove that Gamdom punishes its users because of using VPN.

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3. Hellcase

Long term users report that Hellcase is one of the best sites when it comes to case openings. If you believe in your luck, Hellcase offers a fair chance to get some of the nicest and rarest skins you will ever find with case opening sites.

The UI may feel a little complex for first-time users, but you will soon get familiar with it. It has millions of users so you can also enjoy case battles, and take part in Fortune wheel events, etc. Hellcase has an incredible variety of cases that if you prefer this type of gambling, there is no better place for you.

The majority of people prefer these CSGO case opening sites over the Steam case openings. You can expect to find more expensive items on case opening sites like Hellcase than on the Steam market. Like most other popular sites, Hellcase too offers a joining bonus and a deposit bonus. It also offers a daily bonus to loyal users with skin bonuses as gifts.

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4. CSGOLounge

If you are more tempted by CSGO match-betting than roulette and other games, then the CSGOLounge should make more sense to you. It has a nice clean interface for match betting. Even beginners would find it easy to use and bet skins on CSGO matches. CSGO lounge has a large user base and it does support an extensive range of languages.

The reason we prefer the CSGOLounge for match-betting is its simple but very informative user interface. You can view the live Twitch streaming on the right and the match information on the left. If CSGO match-betting is your thing, this is a good site for it.

CSGOLounge is one of the most trusted sites for CSGO match betting. If you are a CSGO gambling beginner looking for an authentic betting site, CSGO lounge will appeal to you. It lets you easily withdraw your funds; however, it does charge a fee of 10% on the amount you have won. However, this fee is reduced as your betting amount increases.

Unfortunately there is no bonus for new users. If you are looking for CSGO betting sites that offers free coins you can find them in our listing. Here you will find great alternatives and will be able to use affiliate codes to receive free rewards.


CSGO skins gambling can be both fun and profitable. But your experience will also depend on how legitimate the site is. While some gambling sites are complete scams, others use an unfair gambling system to rob you.

The biggest gambling sites today have won the trust of many users. These have reliable customer support and offer a fair chance to win bets. If you want to have a pleasant gambling experience, we suggest that you only trust the sites that are verified by countless users over the years.

CSGOEmpire, Gamdom, Hellcase, and CSGOLounge are currently the top 4 biggest gambling websites where you can play all of the most popular gambling games. You can even place huge bets on these sites for a legitimate chance to win money. Good luck and gamble responsibly!